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Mole Removal

Mole Removal services offered in Falls Professional Center, Twin Falls, ID

Mole Removal services offered in Falls Professional Center, Twin Falls, ID

Most moles are harmless to your health, but you might not find them physically appealing. Whether or not a mole is harmless, Laurel Krupski, PA-C, MSW, can examine them and perform mole removal procedures at Twin Falls Dermatology & Aesthetics, LLC in Twin Falls, Idaho. Call Twin Falls Dermatology to schedule an appointment or request one online for your next skin exam or mole removal consultation today.

What are moles and why choose to have them removed?

Moles develop when the cells that give your skin pigment (melanocytes) are clustered close together. They are various shades of brown and can be flat or slightly raised. They can also be as tiny as a pinpoint or several millimeters in diameter. 

Moles are almost always harmless. However, if you have a mole that changes shape or size, has a mottled appearance, or has an irregular border, have dermatology expert Laurel at Twin Falls Dermatology & Aesthetics, LLC perform a skin check.

Many people find larger moles, or those on certain areas of the body, to be aesthetically displeasing. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about the appearance of moles when a simple procedure is all it takes to remove them for good. 

When should I worry about a mole?

Sometimes melanoma, a severe type of skin cancer, can affect a mole you already have. Melanoma can change a mole’s appearance because this type of skin cancer originates in the cells that produce pigment in your skin called melanocytes. 


You should call Twin Falls Dermatology & Aesthetics, LLC if a mole:


  • Itches
  • Bleeds
  • Changes color
  • Grows
  • Has irregular or poorly-defined borders
  • Is asymmetrical


Laurel might recommend a biopsy if she agrees your mole is suspicious. She might also recommend regular skin cancer screenings if you have numerous irregular appearing moles. 

What should I expect during mole removal?

Whether you do it for cosmetic purposes or otherwise, mole removal is a quick and simple procedure. There are two different types of mole removal:

Surgical excision

Surgical or punch excision of an unwanted mole involves cleaning and numbing the area around a mole before removing it using a surgical scalpel or dermal punch. Typically, Laurel removes a margin of healthy skin around the mole, too. 

Shave excision

Shave excision is a good option for moles that don’t go very deep into your skin. Rather than cutting a mole out of your skin, Laurel simply shaves it off with a single- or double-bladed razor. Moles removed in this way are more likely to reappear than surgically excised moles. 


Call Twin Falls Dermatology & Aesthetics, LLC or schedule an appointment online for mole examinations or to discuss mole removal.