Is it snowing?

When you hear the word Dandruff, you probably think of that snowy, flaking skin on the scalp that comes and goes, leaving white specks all over your clothes and pillows. Yes, this is likely dandruff, or Seborrheic Dermatitis in medical terms, but could also be psoriasis. For this article, we’ll focus on good old-fashioned dandruff. This annoying rash is very common, it ebbs and flows with seasons, and can range from intensely itchy to unnoticeable. It commonly presents on the scalp, but also along the hairline, in and around the ears, and around the nose! It can even be on the chest, under the armpits and other skin folds. It’s generally a salmon-colored rash with scale and flaking, and can also be kind of greasy looking.

Dandruff, AKA Seborrheic dermatitis AKA Seb derm can run in families, and worsened by a yeast on our bodies. You can try over-the-counter shampoos such as T-Gel, Head and Shoulders or anything with Zinc Pyrithione as the active ingredient. If these are not successful in managing the dandruff, your local trusted dermatology provider will have a few options to successfully treat this condition. But remember, it is a chronic problem with times it is worse and times it’s not present at all, so having a few good tools at hand when needed is always a good idea to have in the toolkit.

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